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Orchestral and Large Ensembles

All pieces are available for purchase.

IGNITE for Piano, Electric Guitar, and Chamber Orchestra (2021/2022) – 5’

IGNITE is a lively fanfare that celebrates the inaugural concert of Longy School of Music of Bard College’s newly formed ensemble “Orchestra Flex,” a reduced version of the Longy Conservatory Orchestra. The piece begins with a spark of motif on the solo piano, as it evolves into polyphonic swirls of sounds by woodwinds, brass, strings, and electric guitar. Wu describes IGNITE as a showcase of his Post-Minimalistic style, as well as the colours and virtuosity of piano, electric guitar, and large ensemble.

Whispers of Jukai (2022) – 7’

Whispers of Jukai is a symphonic poem that depicts a journey through death and reborn; all through the life cycle of a forest. Like civilization, the forest contains its own ecosystem. Death is only the beginning of a journey to reborn and transcendence.

Paliscapes (2017) -6’

Paliscapes is meant to create an ambient soundscape using the concept of palindromes. In this piece, the two different tempo markings depicts the two different phases of a palindrome; with the A section slow and staggering, and the B section with more motivic motion.

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